Preston Retro Games Club

Welcome weary traveller! You have reached a portal to great adventures, puzzles, battles and sometimes all out war. Are you ready for collaboration, competition and time travel? This is the home of the Preston Retro Games Club, a group for everyone who loves games from the past!
We play all kinds of Board Games, Ancient Games, Games Consoles, Home Computer Games, Arcade Games, Card Games and much more. We meet on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. There is a different theme/programme for each meetup and everyone is welcome but space is limited so please book through our EventBrite page.

Ancient Games

Board Games

Home Computers

Retro Consoles

Arcade Machines

Forthcoming Meetings

OPEN EVENING7th MarchWe'll be playing a little bit of everything and welcoming visitors to the museum archive to find out all about Preston Retro Games Club.
ARCADE CLASSICS11th AprilPrepare your fingers for some RSI we're playing; 1942, Pacman, Space Invaders, Frogger, Defender and more.
HEROQUEST2nd MayYep! A night of nothing but HeroQuest adventures. We'll be playing the original adventures plus some expansion games, maps will be altered versions from the original QuestBooks.
ANCIENT GAMES6th JuneWe'll be playing games that are 1000's of years old including: Rota, Senet, Mancala, Hnefatafl, Fox and Geese, Latrunculi.
WORD GAMES4th JulyAre you good with words? We'll be playing classics such as; Scrabble, Keyword, Shake Words

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